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Anti-Hobbyist Abandoned Vehicle Bill Introduced in Nebraska

Legislation (L.B. 688) that would expand the definition of “abandoned motor vehicle” to include vehicles that were left unattended for more than six hours on private property without valid plates, title or permit and also include vehicles that are inoperable, partially dismantled, wrecked, junked, or discarded. Currently, a vehicle is not considered to be abandoned on private property until it is left unattended for more than seven days. Motor vehicles are defined as abandoned for the purpose of allowing state and local authorities to remove them from private property.

We Urge You to Contact Members of the Nebraska Legislature’s Transportation and Telecommunications Committee (List Attached Below) Immediately to Request Their Opposition to L.B. 688

· L.B. 688 would outlaw the opportunity to repair or modify certain motor vehicles that are undergoing restoration.

· L.B. 688 would outlaw the maintenance of parts cars for motor vehicles undergoing restoration.

· L.B. 688 provides no reasonable safeguards for legitimate automotive hobbyists that choose to work on inoperable collector vehicles on private property.

· L.B. 688 establishes no provisions that would enable vehicles located out of public view to avoid being classified as abandoned.

DON’T DELAY! Please contact members of the Nebraska Transportation and Telecommunications Committee immediately to request their opposition to L.B. 688.

Nebraska Transportation and Telecommunications Committee

Senator Deb Fischer - Chairperson
Phone: 402/471-2628

Senator Kathy Campbell
Phone: 402/471-2731

Senator Tim Gay
Phone: 402/471-2730

Senator Galen Hadley
Phone: 402/471-2726

Senator Charlie Janssen
Phone: 402/471-2625

Senator Scott Lautenbaugh
Phone: 402/471-2618

Senator LeRoy Louden
Phone: 402/471-2725

Senator Arnie Stuthman
Phone: 402/471-2715

Please e-mail a copy of your letters to Steve McDonald at

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