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Least Expensive Running Model T


 Just a few months ago we did a story about a repair shop. The owner of the business had recently purchased a running Model T Ford at an estate sale for $1,800. It wasn't a restored car, but it looked OK and ran pretty good. Someone had made a nice wooden depot hack body for the Model T chassis. While the car wouldn't take a trophy at a show, it was pretty nice for just tooting around or taking in parades. 

We started talking to the man about some of the inexpensive old cars we had found ourselves years ago and we jokingly old him his Model T was "no bargain." One thing led to another, and we wound up betting him that we could find and buy a running Model T for even less. Now, we're trying to put our money where our mouth was. What do you think? Can we find a Model T that actually works and buy it for less that $1,800? If not, what do you think will be the lowest-priced operating Model T we can get?

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