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On April 23 the Edelbrock Performance Academy opened at Ohio Technical College ( in Cleveland.

I will never forget my first visit to Ohio Technical College because it took place on the day that my mom passed away in 2009. I was heading back home to Staten Island, N.Y. to try to see her for her birthday, but my sister called with the news of her passing before I got out of Wisconsin. After that, rushing home made no difference. I had to keep my mind busy so I made a stop at the school.

It was actually uplifting to see young men and women being trained for their future lives on a day during which the person who shaped a major portion of my life left the world. Life does go on.

On that day, what I saw happening at OTC left a strong impression. Here was a well-run private school that was training young men and women for life. The Brenner family that owns the school runs a tight ship. Unlike public schools they have dress codes and conduct rules that help teach students a lot more than changing spark plugs and twisting wrenches. They also focus on getting the students JOBS when the educating is over.

About a year and a half after stopping at OTC and PSI, I went to the SEMA Show in Las Vegas. OTC was there and held a press conference to announce the Edelbrock Performance Academy at OTC. was announced. Vic Edelbrock, Jr. and his daughter Christi were there to explain their vision.

Fast forward to July 2011. I'm judging at the evening concours during the vintage races in Elkhart Lake. My clipboard has a sheet for a Camaro owned by Christi Edelbrock. That’s when I started to realize that she is a very serious car enthusiast.

My next encounter with Christi and Vic was at this year’s SEMA Town Hall in St. Charles, Ill. Vic was a speaker and covered many topics, but the one obviously nearest and dearest to his heart was education. When the questions and answers got around to how future generations were going to learn about cars, both Vic and Christi spoke up and had lots to say.

My point is that these are committed folks. They are not just establishing the Edelbrock Performance Academy to sell parts or make money. They are doing it because they love cars and realize the need to provide educational opportunities for future car enthusiasts. If you know a youngster who loves cars and wants to develop a career path, let him know about the Edelbrock Performance Academy.

(Note: Gunner’s Great Garage is also involved in providing old car education through our regular free seminars at the Manawa shop for hobbyists and our links to former teacher Fred Beyer’s program for high school age kids and the Iola Old Car Show’s ( “Teamed to Learn” workshops.)

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