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In the very early '50s, when I was just a few years old, I had a tin toy gas station that was loaded with little cars and trucks. I hoisted them on the plastic lift that raised with a little crank handle and I gassed them up from the plastic gas pump that had a string for a hose. And I dreamed of having my own business where cars could be serviced and repaired. This past week, I signed papers to purchase a 3200-sq. ft. building in the nearby town of Manawa, Wis. The building has a bunch of offices in front and a large "meeting" room in the rear. In mid-January 2010, the large room is going to become a shop for fixing sports cars. A friend of mine is going to rent that room and do the actual work. In the meantime, I'll be looking for people who run other types of hobby businesses and need to office space or a lot for selling cars. What I want to do is help other people live their dreams by turning this "Gunner's Great Garage" in Manawa, into a fun place to go. If I'm able to do this, I will really be "living the dream" like never before!

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