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Love, Family and Chevrolets

The Pinkley Collection Auction Story


For better or worse, in sickness or health. For us married folks, we’ve all said those wedding vows. For many of us, do we really think about the meaning of this vow? Bill and Roberta Pinkley were starting out their young life and never thought in their wildest dreams that they would test the meaning of those words.

Bill Pinkley was a Chevrolet man and always had a “hot” car. He met and married Roberta, and the two started their marriage adventure together. Cars were always a part of their lives, and Bill always had a Chevrolet around.


Bill was just about to graduate college and start his career as a math teacher and coach as Roberta was tending to 2 little babies at home. It was 1966 and Bill had the day off from school, and it was just before his last semester. His dad had asked him to be a spotter for airplane seeding that day. Bill woke up with a foreboding feeling and didn’t really want to go help his Daddy, but he did anyway. Roberta had the same feeling, and saw him off. The day started off like any other, another day working on the farm. Bill was holding a pole with a flag to mark one end of the field for the airplane that was seeding. Little did Bill know that he was under a powerline, and when the seed came down it created an arc and a jolt of electricity shot through his body and took him to the ground. They rushed him to the hospital and while laid up in the ICU he nearly lost his life to gangrene. But a keen doctor heard about the case and stopped to see this amazing survivor. The doctor immediately shipped Bill off to St. Louis, MO for surgery. Bill awoke with his forearms, hands, and feet amputated. It was to be a long recovery ahead of him. Bill was fitted with prosthetics and hooks for his missing appendages. You would think that someone with his life plan so close to coming to fruition would be upset, but not Bill. He was happy to be alive and surrounded by his family and his Chevrolets.


For his Wife, Roberta, she became his hands. She helped him do everything including fixing Bill’s cars under his keen eye and direction. She did everything from fixing fences to changing rear ends in those Chevrolets. Over 49 years of marriage they did everything side by side as a team. Raising their children, cattle, and yes, bringing home Chevrolets. Roberta said, “As long as he kept a roof over our heads and food on the table, the Chevrolets were welcome.” The kids talk about wild rides with Dad, and Mom working on the cars. Over 49 years of marriage, together, they brought home almost 150 Chevrolets including Pickups, Chevelles, Camaros, Tri-Fives, and more. They did everything together, she was his hands and wanted him to enjoy life which included his hobby.


Bill passed away from complications of his injuries about 6 years ago, and people were asking what Roberta was going to do with all those cars. The collection was getting well known around the area. For Roberta, her heart was torn. She still would wash the cars and think of her dear Bill. The cars brought back memories of Bill and all that they shared. But after a few incidences with theft she decided it was time to sell the cars. So on October 1st, 2016 at 10am, VanDerBrink Auctions will sell the approx. 150 Chevrolets. The collection has many Tri-Fives, Chevelles, and Camaros, along with a Cameo Pickup and more. The vehicles were outside and are for restore, Rod, and parts. There is also an assortment of parts from the trunks of the cars. All vehicles will be sold on-site in Blue Eye, Missouri and also offered through On-Line bidding. Be on time, the Cars sell first and you won’t want to miss this auction.


The Pinkleys would like Bill’s Cars to go to good homes and see Bill’s love of Chevrolets to live on. The collection is a true testament of what true love can accomplish and the team work of a husband and wife holding their vows of marriage dear. For more information, pictures, video, and inventory go to or Call VanDerBrink Auctions 605-201-7005. See you in Blue eye, MO. To view the video...

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