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Lucky You! News at 11.

You've probably been wondering, "Where's that darn Gunner?" Well, this "antique" antigue-car writer has been pretty busy trying to catch up with the young 'uns on the so-called "technology curve."

Late last year, knowing that I was going to start my own free-lance writing business, I invested in a big digital camera and a laptop computer. About a week ago I took both contraptions to a motorcycle show in Indianapolis. The Dealer Expo Show was great, but I had no luck hooking up to the Internet with the laptop and though I got the camera to work fine, I found it a little cumbersome dragging a big Nikon around a show. It's fine for shooting pictures of cars, but it got real heavy as a piece of luggage. So when I got home, I bought a smaller digital camera.

Almost immediately, I took off for the Atlantic City Classic Car Auction. That's where I am right now. As you can tell, I have learned a little bit about laptops in two weeks and my smaller digital camera is great. I can carry it around the auction on my belt.

So I guess I'm all set to give you the very first HIGH TECH Gunner auction report over the next few nights. Stay tuned and I'll try to do the "News at 11" thing. For beginners, I can tell you there are more cars consigned than probably ever and definitely the most in years. A lot of Corvettes are already on the floor and more are rolling in by the minute. Another thing I noticed was at least three really hot and really cool (at the same time) Novas. For prewar car lovers, a Pennsylvania dealer named Toby's Classic Cars or something like that has a '41 Caddy coupe and convertible that would make great book ends, not to mention the same dealer's twin gold "Shark" Corvettes.

You are not going to see the Atlantic City sale on TV, so if you are interested, you better hop on the Parkway or Expressway and get down here.

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