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Gunner buys a 1957 MG Magnette four-door saloon

At last summer's Iola Old Car Show (second week in July) I bought a 1957 MG Magnette four-door saloon. That's not a tavern . . . it's a sedan! Last week, I heard that another member of a club I belong to also bought a Magnette. In fact, he heard about the car from a vendor at Iola last July and followed up and bought it in the fall. So, now there are two of us restoring Magnettes. Since parts for these cars don't grow on trees (even the wood dashboard) I have started a monthly e-newsletter for Magnette owners. If you know of anyone with a Magnette, tell them about it. My Magnette is a '57 ZB with "Varitone" trim. Originally, I hoped to have it going by this year's Iola Old Cars Show, which will feature 1957 cars. That's not going to happen. This project has gone from a fast fix-up to a full restoration. Funny how that seems to happen with old cars! -- Gunner

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