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If you live anywhere close to Delevan, Wis., you might want to take a drive over to Lake Lawn Lodge on Highway 50 to visit the annual convention of the North American MGA Register (

This year the club is celebrating a variant of the MGA roadster called the Magnette sedan. The Magnet was made in ZA and ZB versions from 1954-1959 and only around 15,000 were ever built. Thirty one of them came to Delevan for the convention, which continues on Thursday July 29 and Friday morning July 30.

This was the largest gathering of Magnettes ever held anywhere and featured cars from across the country. In addition, Lou and John Shorten, Magnette experts from England, attended the show to present restoration seminars.

The show also features MGAs of couse, plus a sprinkling of other models. But the spotlight is really on the largest number of Magnettes ever gathered by collectors.

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