Midget Gerbil Cage

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I'm still at the Chevy Vettefest in Rosemont, Illinois and I'm looking at the mini version of the "giant gerbil cage" I wrote about a few weeks ago from Atlantic City. The giant version was a climate-controlled glass enclose for real cars and bikes made by Motor Inn. The "midget gerbil cage" is a classy-looking glass enclosure for your 1:24-scale model cars. The "Cruizes" case is motorized so that you can set the wheels of the model turning as you display it. It holds two cars that are parked at a street lamp or traffic light (which you also get) and the models sit on a foam pad. Little wheels come up through adjustable slots and spin the models' wheels. It's really cool. The case includes both battery and plug-in power, so you can exhibit the models at home or during a car show (like Chevy Vettefest). To find out more visit www.stagesdisplays.com

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