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More cars, more problems: Another '55 Cadillac and the return of the Roadmaster

It’s been a busy winter already at the Van Bogart household. Between celebrating the holidays, we also found time to buy another old car (a mention of this car was made in my editorial in the Dec. 24 issue of Old Cars Weekly, which follows). Well, that old car has landed: a solid 1955 Cadillac Coupe deVille shell to help make our rusty ’55 Cadillac solid again. Bringing back a car in this much need of work isn’t financially advisable, but the rusty ‘55 Cadillac is the first car I owned and my family and I have sentimental attachments to it. (It’s hard to believe it’s spent 17 summer sitting in my parents’ driveway in various states of repair.)

This shell will allow us to more easily repair the inner and outer quarter panels, and save significant amounts of money and headaches for the body shop when doing so.

Since I mentioned this car in an editorial, I thought I’d post some pix here for the curious. It’s not much to look at, but its from California and it’s rust-free. It’s also stripped enough that I don’t feel guilty sacrificing another solid car that is restorable on its own merits.

Also, frequent blog visitors might be interested to know that the ol’ Buick Roadmaster wagon (affectionately referred to as the “LT-Wagon”) mentioned two years ago on this blog has returned to my driveway. The car was around for only two seasons before it was sold to retired OCW staffer Ken Buttolph. Since Ken is trying to bring his car collection closer to the even 100-car mark, he offered it back to me. Like a sucker, I bought it back. After this, no more cars (or at least big cars). I swear.

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I can't believe we did it again. Yes, this makes three (or 2-1/2) 1955 Cadillacs in the family.

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I'm sure my neighbors will be thrilled when I drag this car to my house in spring. For now, its resting at a friend's home in Minnesota.

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