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More on the Renville Roadster that is heading to the Atlantic City Classic Car Auction (see Gunner's Garage 01/18/09). Bob Pinterelli of the well-known Appleton Auto Show ( directed me to Arden Hjelle of Oakdale, Wis. He and his wife both knew Renville Mordrow. They said he ran a body shop in North Fond du Lac, Wis., on Military Rd. Back then, in the '60s, the shop was right on the outskirts of town. Arden thought the 1946 Renville Roadster looked like an MG Midget (I personally think it looks a bit like a Triumph). Arden said "Ren" made another car later on from a cut-down '55 Chevy. The later car was designed to represent a Corvette. Arden did not recall the earlier car ever being raced or any plans for a production model. He said the car went to a junkyard south of Fond du Lac for awhile and was then bought by a man who fixed it up and used to bring it to the Appleton Auto Show. He kept saying that Ren was a very talented body man.

Ace 57 Chevy restorer Steve Hamilton of Fond du Lac ( took the information abiout the Renville roadster to a meeting of the Fondy Auto Club last night. He found out that Joe Perrizo, also of Fond du Lac, knew Renville Mordrow and his little car. I have just sent photos and the preliminary information off to Joe and will keep you informed about anything else I discover on this car.

To see it just visit the Atlantic City Auction Website ( and scroll down to the 1946 Renville and click on the icon. If you know anything about the car please get in touch with me at

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