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I just had a "hairy" experience. As you can see from the artwork at the top of this blog, I usually have fairly long (even if somewhat thinning these days) locks flowing in the wind when I drive my MG TD. But, that's not the case right now.

This weekend I'm heading to the Oakland 100th Anniversary Event at Greenfield Village, in Dearborn, MI. Years ago, I started the All-American Oakland Chapter of the Pontiac Oakland Club International. The Oakland automobile is the parent make of Pontiac and the first Oakland was a 1908 model. This is the marque's centennial. Since I got the chapter rolling, I've been asked to attend a banquet to honor Oakland's 100th

I decided to get a haircut for the occassion and visited my local Cost Cutters. The gal said, "How's a quarter inch sound?" I thought she meant a quarter inch off the top, which sounded OK to me. But she actually meant A QUARTER INCH! Before I could say, "Don't do that!" she took out a clippers and cut nearly all the hair off one side of my head! There was nothing else to do but cut the other side, too. So, now I look like Mr. Clean with a little peach fuzz. My Oakland buddies may be in for a shock!

On the rare occassions that a few former Old Cars Weekly editors get tigether, we call it "the ex-editor's club. "While in the Detroit area for the Oakland centennial, I'll be seeing two other EEC members, Terry Boyce and Tony Hossain. I'm looking forward to it. There have been 10 editors of Old Cars Weekly over the years. Can you name them all?

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