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Mysterious Two-Ten Ornament

Angelo's blog this week mentions a 1953 or 1954 Chevy he spotted in Minneapolis that had the "Two-Ten" name on its flanks where the fancier model says "Bel Air." He said the car looked all-original.

If you collect General Motors cars of any type, a "Master Parts Catalog" is a good factory reference to have. These books covered a range of years and listed all parts available for the covered cars in the year of publication.

I have a 1929-1958 Chevrolet Master Parts Catalog. It's actually in several pieces. but most of it is there and it's a helpful resource. The catalog says that name on the rear fenders of 1953-1954 Chevys was officially called an "ornament." It was Group No. 12.116C. The same ornament was used both years. It was Part No. 4612776. Two were required per vehicle as the ornament was the same on both sides of the car. My book does not list a similar ornament for cars of other series. It shows that the price of each Bel Air ornament, in 1958, was $3.80.

It is possible that the ornament was available for a brief time and was listed in earlier Master Parts Catalogs and then "obsoleted" by 1958. In that case, the ornament would not show up after the inventory ran out. I tend to doubt that a Two-Ten ornament was ever in the Master Parts Catalog, but nothing Detroit does would surprise me. 

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