Name the 3 Most Influential Midwest Hobbyists

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It sounds simple on the surface . . . name the three people who most influence the old-car hobby in the Midwest. But when you think about it, this is a hard pick.

Take a guy like dream-car collector Joe Bortz. He has done a lot to influence car collecting both nationally and internationally, but there may be other people who have more influence specifically in the Midwest region.

Then again, the writer who owns no cars at all might influence a region more than its biggest collector. Restorers, dealers, car show chairs, promoters, auctioneers, museum directors and parts sellers . . . all of these people have a big influence on what and how we collect. And then there's all the different segments like the purist, the hot rodder, the racer, the Classic car collector, the sports car enthusiast and so on. Many of us know the most influential personalities in our own niche, but we don't know anyone with different interests. Finally, there are quiet collectors out there who do a lot for the hobby, but keep their contributions nearly secret.

So, who are the three people who influence the hobby the most in the Midwest? I've been asked to write about them, but I'm not sure where to start. I need help from all of you out there in car hobbyland. Click that "comments" button and let me hear your opinions. It's important. Like they say, every vote counts! 

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