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During our recent journey to the British Motor Trade Association ( conference, we took in a seminar by Glenn Lenhardt, of Glenn's MG Repair, in Tampa, Fla. Lenhardt passed on a fantastic tip on where to get restoration info.

Glenn said that he has found the International Automotive Technician's Network ( to be a very good source of tech tips about older British cars. Glenn said that IATN has a Basic service that is free and an Archives that requires a small fee to use.

Glenn said that he found a "huge amount of helpful information" from IATN members. Apparently, while many of these mechanics no longer deal with British car repairs, many of them worked on such cars when they were starting their careers and they remember all kinds of fixes for them

According to Glenn, "There were more replies to questions about MGB repairs than there were to problems with modern Chevy trucks."

And we wouldn't be at all surprised if IATN members also know a great deal about fixing up vintage American iron.

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