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I have a new dream car! On the last weekend in December I went to the 30th Annual Lake Geneva Classic Car Rally. This is always a great event and particularly so when the weather is good. This year it was clear skies and sunshine the whole time and the cars were enough to make any enthusiast drool. Right inside the entrance to the Lodge at Interlocken Resort is an area which is set aside for "feature" cars. This is where the people "ooh and ahh" as each vehicle drives in. It seems like the cars most likely to draw the spotlight arrive "fashionably late" so the excitement is climatic. For example, Rex Barrett's Chrysler Airflow (much sleeker than the Lois Lane Rambler he drove in the rally) got everyone's juices simmering and then Bob Shaw brought things to a boil with his amazing replica of a teardrop Talbot. Act 3 was the 1919 Packard Twin Six that Chris Goes rolled in. Looking barn-fresh, the car was a gem that belonged to his grandfather and never left the family. After some 15-20 outstanding cars were arrayed in the area, the excitement had just seemed to die off when a thundering "Varooom-Varooom!" echoed forth from beyond the hedges and a deep-red '33 Alfa 8C-2600 Monza roadster came roaring into the square with a goggled and leather-helmeted driver named Dennis behind the wheel. This, of course, was my new dream car. After returning home and doing a little research, I discovered that I am only about $3 million away from owning such an ultimate ride. The next time you see me, I'll be wearing dark glasses and have a tin cup by my side. Please drop in as much as you care to. It's for a good cause. 

Better yet, make plans to come to next year's Lake Geneva Classic Car Rally. All the money it raises goes for a really good cause - the fight against childhood cancer! 

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