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New Motorama book features the golden era of GM concept cars

General Motors’ Motorama show was Fort Knox during the golden era of the automobile, and author David W. Temple puts readers of his new book in the middle of the main gold vault.

Motorama: GM’s Legendary Show and Concept Cars,” is a follow up to Temple's highly desirable first book “GM’s Motorama: The Glamorous Show Cars of a Cultural Phenomenon” – but it’s better. Not only is the new book’s cover price a fraction of the lofty price fetched by the previous book on the secondary market, it’s improved with new facts and new photos of the concept cars and auto shows that composed the traveling Motorama — and more of each.

David Temple's new Motorama book.

David Temple's new Motorama book.

All the treasures that made each roving Motorama show an automotive utopia are illustrated between the hard covers: Harley Earl, the Buick LeSabre, the XP-300, the Corvette that inspired production, the Buick Wildcats and the Corvette Nomad, among dozens of others. Temple takes readers through Motorama history one year at a time, one car at a time, and they’re all here. Using original documents and interviews of principals, Temple separates fact from fiction and leaves readers with answers about the shows and the cars, but without completely taking away the reader’s dream of finding a concept car hiding in a Detroit warehouse.

The magic of the GM Motorama may never be repeated, but it can be relived one page at a time in Temple’s triumph. Order a copy of “Motorama: GM’s Legendary Show and Concept Cars” from CarTech by calling 800-551-4754 or going to The newly released book is $39.95, and it’s going fast. Get it now or, like the earlier out-of-print volume, you’ll likely pay more later.

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