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New Year’s Resolution

Will the MG TD ever be finished?

Will the MG TD ever be finished?

As we start a new year, thoughts turn to making the next 12 months more productive and rewarding than the last 12 months. One way to do this is to make New Year’s resolutions and then work to make them come true. Resolving to do something is one thing and actually getting it done is an entirely different matter.

One thing we resolve to do in 2015 is to get our MG TD roadster back together again. Restoring the little British car is something we started a few years ago. To tell you the truth, we’re now sorry we went so far. The car had a worn out engine and we rebuilt it. We also had the frame powder coated and rebuilt the suspension. As we all know, when you start a project like this, it always gets worse. You see more things the car needs and pretty soon you have two feet in the puddle instead of just one.

The car got as far as the body shop. Then, we kind of ran out of steam. Some of the wood parts we ordered didn’t fit right or had notches cut in the wrong places. New sheet metal parts arrived, but didn’t have quite the right curvature. And even if we got those shaped and installed, there seems to be so much more to do.

The car needs chrome plating, wiring, upholstery, gauges rebuilt, gas tank cleaned out. The list just goes on an on. Why does restoration take so long? Factory workers built these cars in a couple of days, so why can’t they be rebuilt in a couple of days? So, why does it take years—or even decades—to restore a car? Especially an MG TD. The car just doesn’t have that many parts.

So, we’re making it our New Year’s resolution to get the car done in the new year. Sounds like a plan, doesn’t it? If we focus on the goal and stick to the plan, it should be easy. There’s only one problem.

That’s what we told ourselves last year . . .and the year before . . . and the year before that!

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