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Last night I was traveling towards Appleton, Wis., on Highway 10 when I noticed a beautiful late '60s Nova just ahead of us. The car looked to be fully restored in silver with a black vinyl top. As we passed in our modern car, it flashed through my brain that modern collector cars like the Nova were built in the era when the serial number of the vehicle can be seen through the windshield. Then I remembered reading about a scam where thieves were copying VINs through the windshield, then going to dealers to have keys made from the number so they could steal the car. I do not think they were stealing collector cars. However, it's possible this little "numbers game" could be used to rip off a nice, late-model collector car like the silver Nova. So, I think it would be a good idea for owners of such cars to tape or cover their VIN so as not to take chances.

Speaking of Novas, have you seen the great Nova Book that Doug Marion (former editor of Super Chevy) wrote for Old Cars Weekly's book division? I think it's the greatest Nova book anyone ever did. There should be facts about it on Check it out. It's way cool.

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