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“The ultimate mixed-make, muscle car, dealer-built supercar and Corvette specialty show” is how show manager Bob Ashton described the Nickey Muscle Car and Corvette Nationals presented by Bill Stasek Chevrolet in Rosemont, Ill., Nov. 21-22. The variey and quality of cars was truly amazing, ranging from one of the eight ’69 Trans Am convertibles built — owned by Rob Lozins — to the last L-88 Corvette that Tom Marcucci entered. Even before buying their tickets, visitors got to see Bill Sefton’s Hemi-Under-Glass Barracuda, the new Sox & Martin ‘Cuda, the Gus Grissom Corvette and Barrie Poole’s ‘68 Cougar drag racer in the lobby. No wonder there was a long line to get in early Saturday morning.
High-performance legends Mr. Norm, Helen Gibb, Jim Wangers, Marty Schorr, Arnie "The Farmer" Beswick and Don McClean were on hand to talk, shake hands and sign autographs. The Muscle Car and Corvette Nationals launched a new Vintage Certification Program for unrestored-original cars, which will start with Camaros and Chevelles. It is designed to encourage owners to maintain their cars in original, as-they-left-the factory condition. Certified cars will be used to document build methods and other significant and historical features. When it is fully developed, the program will be expanded to cover additional cars in the future.
The show included nearly 300 indoor swap spaces in the south hall. Vendors there were selling everything from intake manifolds to body panels to insurance. Commercial vendors included Mid America Motorworks, Route 66 Motorsports, Reliable Carriers, Legendary Interiors, Keisler Engineering and restorers including Supercar Automotive.
There was also a collector-car corral where wannabe collectors could find the cars they’ve dreamed of owning.
David Snyder was the show’s featured artist. Other attractions included oldies deejay Dick Biondi, a Rescue 1 Fire Safety For Kids racing car promotion and charity auction, a junior dragsters display, a kids’ scavenger hunt and appearances by Santa Claus and Mrs. Claus in connection with the Toys for Tots program (visitors were able to donate toys).
FOX Sports taped the Muscle Car and Corvette Nationals for an upcoming television show that will be entirely devoted to the launch of the event. The television show will revolve around the cars, the people who devote countless hours preserving, restoring and displaying them and the vendors who provide resources for them.

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