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Ed Casar’s Done-Rite Automotive
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Ed Casar’s Done-Rite Automotive ( is located in in Mosinee, Wis. Although Ed’s father started the business during a 1980s recession, the company’s fully-equipped eat-off-the-floor facility is set up to use 2011 technology to make classic and modern street cars and all kinds of racing cars run more efficiently and go faster. A control room that looks like mission control at Cape Canaveral allows customers to see their car being tuned on Ed’s Super-Flo dyno (facing his 150-mph “wind tunnel” fan) while watching their car’s fuel maps on a computer.
Done-Rite tuned the prototype 2011 Nickey Camaro engine for Stefano Bimbi of Nickey Chicago (, as well as the 301-cid Hillborn injected small-block Chevy race engine in Paul Zieldorf’s fiberglass-bodied A-Altered ’38 Fiat nostalgia dragster with its Isky roller cam, Isky aluminum rods, 327 heads, Vertex magneto and needle bearing rocker arms.

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