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'Not for Sale'... Until Now! - The Milan Collection

On October 15th, VanDerBrink Auctions will hold the Milan Collection sale with over 300 classics up for sale, with the majority of cars consisting of classic Chevy models of the '50s-'70s.
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The Milan Collection

The Milan Collection

300 cars! Why would one man need to have 300 cars? I’m sure Randy Milan has heard that more times than he can count. But Randy can’t help it, it’s in his genes. If a scientist would do an analysis of Randy’s DNA, you would find he had a genetic code for old cars. Where did this gene come from, his dad. Growing up, Randy’s dad always had an old car project he was working on. Randy would go with his dad to swap meets and get everything set up to sell. Cars, Parts, and everything needed to build your dream car or finish that project. There was a slight problem, as soon as a car guy started to show interest in a car or part, Randy’s dad would jump in and say, “It’s not for sale!” It never failed; the Milans would go home with more than they brought. Even today at 94 years young, Randy’s dad knows what he has and where it is at. So, for Randy, saying and hearing the phrase, “Not for sale!” came naturally.


Randy started collecting himself at 18 years old. His first car was a 1958 Chevy pickup. Sadly, this is one truck that he sold, but he still knows where it’s at. Randy saw that guys didn’t really like the 1959 a 1960 Chevrolets, so he started buying, any and all of them that he could find. Bubble tops, sedans, convertibles, wagons, and more are still in the collection. If you ask Randy, the reason they are still in the collection is, “They are not for sale!” Today, in the collection there are approx. 40 - 1959 Chevrolets, and 50 1960’s. That’s not all, there are many other Chevrolets from 1950’s including Impalas from 1958 and up. The collection is not all about Chevys, there are Ford coupes that will make great street rods, as well as Mustangs and more. Luckily, Randy had the room, and the collection kept growing like his dad’s. The answer was always, “Not for sale.” Randy broke his own rule and sold a 1957 Chevrolet convertible to pay for a divorce. If you ask him today, rumor has it, it was her or the cars. Well, the cars are all still there… just saying.

In 1985 Randy started Import Towing and Recovery in Ft. Collins, Colo. Along with a body shop. This was a perfect fit for his car collecting hobby because Randy got to see lots of things while towing cars. But the second time was a charm, and he hooked a gal that was into cars, too. Deb Milan, was one of a kind, and the two of them traveled around to auctions while privately buying more cars for the collection. The car crazy couple also bought the Cheyenne, Wyoming Speedway and managed and ran the races up to a few years ago. Deb and Randy have built the towing business to not only have a body shop but also repair facility for their collection.


Randy was getting older and started to see that the cars needed attention and it was time for them to go to another care taker. Randy also saw that he had grown up and was just like his dad. All those cars and neither of them truly finished a project. Sure, there were some cars that were restored, but there were far more that were waiting in line to get back on the road. Randy realized that there isn’t enough time to get them all done and now the answer to, “Will you sell that 1959 convertible?” has changed to “Yes!”


That’ right! Many of his friends didn’t know that the collection had grown to approx. 300 vehicles consisting of older restore, originals, rod projects, and many Chevrolets for restore, and also parts. Randy and the guys have been busy removing the cars from their slumber in the buildings and in storage lots to rows out in a field to be sold on October 15th, 2022 at 9AM, not far from his Towing company in Ft. Collins, Colorado. VanDerBrink Auctions will sell the collection of approx. 300 vehicles in 1 big day, LIVE ONSITE with ONLINE BIDDING! But you are going to want to be in person for this fabulous collection. Just the fact that the collection boasts 40 - 1959 Chevrolets of all makes and models and along with approx. 50 - 1960 Chevrolets of all makes and models, including those 1959 Convertibles. The collection doesn’t stop there, there are Chevrolets galore! From 1950-1970’s. Many Impalas, 1964-72 Chevelles, and more. Randy’s dad will also sell his collection along with Randy’s, and there are 1959 retractable HT’s, 1959 Chevrolet El Caminos, 1965 Ford Mustang with HI-Pro 289, and a rare 1966 Mercury Comet Cyclone that was an Indianapolis 500 Pace car. The collection also boasts Cadillacs, Oldsmobile, Pontiac, and many 1930’s Ford coupes for Rod and Restore. There is a rare 1957 Cadillac Biarritz convertible project. The collection is truly amazing, and you won’t want to miss seeing the collection and being part of this auction. VanDerBrink Auctions is still building the catalog, so follow the progress on the website, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. Then get ready to bid! When they were getting ready, Randy had friends that said he wouldn’t sell to them, but now he’ll sell them to you, and of course, friends too. Like Randy says, “Come to fulfill your car dreams. I want car guys and gals to come to the auction to buy your future project, get the parts cars you need, because you know what, “Everything is for sale, now!” See you at the Auction! It’s Amazing!

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For more information, pictures, and more info on the Milan collection or 605-201-7005. 

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