Not-so-lost Tucker becomes available

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We've done enough "barn-find" stories to know the difference between "lost" and "hidden" cars, and it appears that a rarely seen Tucker has surfaced and is being called both. Some sources are calling this 1948 Tucker a barn find, some are calling it a discovery, but the truth of the matter is, it's a dusty ol' girl that the Tucker Automobile Club of America has known about for years, and even pictured on its website. Regardless, legions of Tucker fans will be thrilled to see the car as it comes up for public auction, including myself.

Like many Tuckers, this car (Serial No. 1010) appears to be a low-mileage example with less than 10,000 miles showing. The exterior appears very solid and the car looks nearly complete, but all of the car's components will need complete restoration. The Tucker will go up for auction in this condition this January in Scottsdale, and some awfully optimistic pre-sale estimates put the car at $1 million. Restored Tuckers are just crossing into the $1 million range, and the cost of this car's restoration will be six figures to land it in Number 1 condition territory. Likely, the high estimate comes from the car's reported use on the Bonneville salt flats (but after the factory era) and the fact it's a barn find. We'll watch the car this January and report on its fate.

If you want to read about REALLY lost Tuckers, go to this story from Old Cars Weekly.

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