Not That I Love Going Back To Where I Used To Work But Yesterday I Had To Drop Off Some Photos To Angelo Van

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Not that I love going back to where I used to work, but yesterday I had to drop off some photos to Angelo Van Bogart, so I cruised up to Old Cars Weekly HQs during my mail run into the Village of Iola. And what did my weary eyes behold, but a Burnt Orange '71 Chevelle that I had never seen before. Was this a visitor from afar - a hobbyist who had dropped in on his favorite collector car magazine? Was it a Chevy fan heading to a national meet on a route that took him past OCW? Or was it a near-sighted fairy tale princess who mistook a Malibu for her pumpkin coach?

Turns out it was the car from Country Classics ( that Old Cars Weekly is giving away at the Iola Old Car Show in about five weeks. And it's a car that anyone out their in hobbyland would love to have (especially for free).

There are lots of other cool prizes to win too.

It's called the Ultimate Garage Giveaway.

Check it out at

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