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Not Your Father's Homefront!

Recently I traveled from Wisconsin to New York and back. Everywhere I went, folks were complaining about gas prices and saying it was sad that a GREAT nation like ours didn't have enough cheap gas for its people.

I don't like high gas prices either, but isn't this a Homefront? Whether we are supportive of the effort or not, our troops overseas are fighting a serious battle against forces that hate us and hate what we stand for.

Yes, we are paying plus or minus $4 per gallon of gas, but we can still get it. We can also still get new or late-model cars. We can still get gas-guzzling trucks and SUVs as well.

What I'm driving at is that this is not your father's World War II Homefront. During WWII, gas was only available if you had ration stickers. And buying a new car was out of the question, since none were being made. Late-model used cars were just about impossible to buy, unless you were a doctor or worked in a munitions depot.

Times sure have changed, haven't they? We do not want to sacrifice for any worthy reason or any cause. All's we want to do is complain. As I said, this is not your father's Homefront.

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