Number 3's hearse hits eBay with $1.5 million opening bid

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At Old Cars Weekly, we appreciate professional cars and respect their hand-crafted bodies atop sturdy, traditional chassis, but one eBay seller is tarnishing the image of pro-cars by offering the 1996 Lincoln hearse that carried Dale Earnhardt, Sr. to rest for $1.5 million on eBay.

We certainly don't take issue with the sale of a stately pro-car with a celebrity connection changing hands, but the asking price is clearly intended to profit from a solemn event. We very highly doubt anyone would pay more than 1/100th of the asking price, which remains almost twice what this seller paid for the vehicle when it was said to be purchased from a recent Craigslist ad for just under $9000.

Check out the eBay auction of the Dale Earnhardt hearse here.

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