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Last Wednesday night i get a call from an Old Cars Weekly subscriber from California. He told me, "I liked your article about 1960s Mercury pickups in the December 8 issue."
By this time, I was scratching my head trying to figure out what the heck he was talking about, since I didn't write a Mercury truck article.
He went on to tell me that, when he was a kid, his dad had bought him a 1967 Mercury crew cab pickup. (How rare was that???) He said it was a good truck with a big V-8, but that he only got 9 mpg.
After telling me about the truck he owned, he said, "Well, i just wanted you to know that." And he said good-bye and hung up.
So yesterday I finally looked in the December 8 issue. It had a short reader story abot Mercury pickups on the same page as my weekly ad for Gunner's Great Garage. Then I realized that he thought the ad was connected to the story.
I guess that preoves that people really are reading my ad. Well, at keast Mercury truck ownersd are.

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