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OCW reader designs potential Wisconsin collector plate replacements

If there were a competition for the nation’s least-attractive collector license plate, Wisconsin might be the winner. The muddy blue plates feature dark red characters, making the plates illegible from a distance. Old Cars Weekly Reader Greg Wolf of Antigo, Wis., has set out to change that with three new license plate designs of his own creation.

Wolf’s plate designs address more than the beauty factor. Many collector cars and trucks have small, difficult-to-see tail lamps (prewar cars in particular), creating a safety hazard when these cars are parked or are driving in night hours. Bright or light-colored license plates would help address this issue, and also make the characters on the license plate more legible for law enforcement officials. Two of Wolf’s three designs address these issues.

Wolf submitted his designs to fellow OCW reader and Wisconsin State Senator Jim Holperin, who presented the designs to the Wisconsin Department of Transportation. As Sen. Holperin noted, “a new license plate design has advanced only when a fairly large group interested in a new plate has organized and pressed their case with the legislature.”

Wisconsin residents who support a new collector license plate can write to their state legislator and encourage him or her to work with Senator Holperin and the DOT on a safer and more law enforcement-friendly collector license plate design. Go to or call 800-362-9472 for your assemblyman’s contact information.

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