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My '48 Pontiac Streamliner is driving me crazy with a noise we just can't trace. We used it earlier in the summer and heard a rattling noise that sounded like stones in a hubcap. Vince and I put it up on the Backyard Buddy Lift, pulled the wheels and checked everything. Other than a king pin that might need attention in the next year, we didn't find a thing.

This weekend Linda and I drove the fastback to Cowboy Bob's Pig N Piston event in Fond du Lac. Again we heard the noise. Later. after the show, the noise changed to a whhhrrrr when we took off, followed by a kind of "breaking loose" feeling.

Veteran car collector (and Masterpiece class winner) Jim Rugowski was following. We took his Kaiser Darrin to the Fox Cities British Car Club storage building, then started off again. This time the whhhrrrrr was very loud, followed by a pop-bam-bang-kaboom and that break loose feeling. Thinking we had thrown a rod, we rushed out to find --- nothing.

We drove slowly back to the clubhouse and put the car on the lift there. We checked underneath with a light. We found nothing. On the way home, we heard the original rattling noise once or twice. But after that, we heard nothing for 40-50 miles. We put the car in the garage.

I guess it's just one of those noises that old cars have. You can't fix 'em.

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