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Old Cars 365 Days A Year

Maybe it's just that I'm retired now, but I'm starting to wonder why we don't have old cars shows every day? Why are they just on Fridays and weekends?

John Armstrong of the POCI Oakland Chapter called today and wanted to know if I could attend their event on September 5. It's the 100th anniversary of the founding of Pontiac's parent, you know.

I could be there if that wasn't the same time as Auburn or if it didn't conflict with the MG club's annual gathering. Or there may be vintage racing that weekend or an antiquemotorcycle show.

Point is, there's always more than one thing going on.

Now, if we just freed up Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday and spread things out a bit . . . Does anyone out there have any problems with doing old car stuff 365 days a year?

I didn't think so. 

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