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One more Classic coupe story (for now)

A coupe coincidence

Just a few weeks ago, retired OCW staff Kenny Buttolph (Kennys' Klunkers) and I were talking about a nice, old 1930 Packard 733 coupe that he once owned, then sold to Old Cars Weekly/Chet Krause. Kenny said he and Chet would sure like to find out what happened to the car. It had been sold decades earlier, but unlike many of his past collector cars, Kenny didn't know where it was.

While working diligently at my desk today, an e-mail came in from a Texas reader asking about the provenance of a 1930 Packard coupe he recently purchased. The reader listed the hints of the car's past: the title listed Krause Publications as a previous owner, a picture of a similar car appeared in a Krause Publications book ( Standard Catalog of American Cars, 1805-1942 ), the car was sold new in Wisconsin, etc.

Several old photos of this handsome car are floating in the OCW archives, and I knew I'd like to know where this great little car had gone. Sure enough, the reader's photos proved the car was certainly a car from OCW's old fleet. Mystery solved!

This 1930 Packard 733 coupe was originally chauffeur driven for a woman in Oshkosh, Wis. This recent photo was supplied by the present owner.

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Vintage pics of the Packard from the OCW archives:

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This photo dates from the late 1970s or early 1980s, taken at home office of Old Cars Weekly.

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Here's the photo that appears in the Standard Catalog of American Cars, 1805-1942.

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