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A piece of the Lambrecht urban legend back on the block

Some of the Lambrecht vehicles that we sold in Pierce, Nebraska, in September of 2013 are starting to re-surface for sale.

Recently, some of the Lambrecht vehicles that we sold in Pierce, Nebraska, in September of 2013 are starting to re-surface for sale. Right now, there is one of the C10 Pickups on eBay. It’s all cleaned up and running and driving – beautiful. It did my heart good to see this truck back on the road, loved. The question is, what will they bring now?

One matter of fact is that it is basically a 50-year-old truck that is starting a new life 50 years post production. That’s an amazing fact. This is a freak of nature that doesn’t happen very often. It’s a white buffalo, a wild thing escaped from the car world.

I’ve seen and been sent pictures of some of the Lambrecht cars restored, revived. Cherrie Barber, the gal from Australia, has her 1956 Chevrolet back to full, like-new condition and enjoying the car rightfully named Mildred.

At Iola this year, I was reunited with a MSO 1959 Chevrolet. They have it just cleaned up and not even running yet. But the fact of the matter is, they are a treasure to be had and hold.

I too, have enjoyed my 1953 Chevrolet Belair 4dr Sedan. She is a tree survivor and revived by Mr. VanDerBrink. Leona is back driving back down the road. Over 51 years, and who knows exactly when since, doing what a car is supposed to do… Be driven. I feel that I do need to put in an interior because every time that I get the car out and the doors happen to be left open, there is at least 4 barn cats in there rolling on the seats like cat nip. Yeah, there were some BIG mice.

The other fact that these cars all have in common is that they were part of a legacy, urban legend, that was the Lambrecht Auction in 2013. Millions of people around the world watched and wanted one of these cars, and those who bought them were lucky enough to have proof positive that this urban legend was real.

For me, it’s memories of all those hours, people that I met, the family, and most of all doing what I love... saving the old cars, and preserving the history for generations to come. One of the keys to keeping the car hobby alive is telling the stories. It’s the stories and memories that will help your heirs want “Gramma’s Car” and “Dad’s” Car so when they are older, they will tell the same stories, and make those same connections we had with our cars, family and fond memories... History.

I will be watching the eBay listing on the 1964 C10, among others as they come up and see how this memory is played out in history and the power of advertising, the moment of the auction that day. One thing is for sure, the auction is a powerful tool and being in that moment is when crazy and wonderful things happen... at the auction. As auctioneers, it is our job to tell the stories, bring the past to life, and bring this excitement, with advertising to bring out seller’s items to the fore front and maybe tell stories that they didn’t get to, to excite the bidders. The auction is the tool to bring all interested parties together that want that item, and with competitive bidding and advertising, will bring what the market will show.

At auction is the only way the seller can get more than they thought. I can think of many times, when a seller would say, “I really think it’s worth $25,000. I”d be really happy with that.” When we as auctioneers work our skills, and we say “SOLD... $54,000!” That’s when I look over and see my seller smiling. Yep, work and advertising paid off. That’s why auction works. The Lambrecht Auction worked.

The auction is where you will get what the market is that day. Every auction is different, but it’s that day. When you have a for sale by owner, a deal is a deal, but often I’ve seen deals where the auction would have brought more parties and money. Sometimes, I tell my sellers, “you know, we will find out what it’s worth.” There are times that only my Seller was in love with that vehicle, and my bidders, well, were less impressed, but it’s the market.

When sellers have a large quantity of items, the auction is the best and quickest way for liquidation, and the fairest. It’s settled family fights, I can tell you some stories, and in a couple days we can sell what took years to accumulate and at market or above. The auction is a solution to a need, and auctioneers are problem solvers.

I’ll be watching to see the effects of the auction in 2013 and the values now after work done and cleaned up... See how that moment in time plays out.

Yvette VanDerBrink
The Lil Nordstrom’s Gal

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