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Is it my imagination or am I really seeing more Plymouths than ever before at old car events and hot rod runs? People today do not have a full appreciation of how big a share of the market Plymouth had years ago. It was a popular car -- right up there with Ford and Chevy. A lot of Plymouths were manufactured and this may be one reason that there's so many around today. As the supply of Fords and Chevys dwindles ever lower, people are taking a second look at old Plymouths

Another factor behind the brand's renewed popularity could be the boom in Mopar interest in the past five years or so. The cars made by Plymouth were very durable, too -- and extremely well engineered.

Of course, another reason Plymouths are catching on is the brand's recent demise. When Plymouth became an orphan car, it became a more collectible brand.

If this is indeed the reason for Plymouth's new status, you have to wonder if Oldsmobile and Pontiac are going to be riding the same "train" real soon.

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