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The Wisconsin Hot Rod Radio folks were at the Nickey Show in Chicago last week trying to warn hobbyists about new laws that would affect their right to enjoy this great hobby. Arlo Dillman and his crew are on top of both local and national laws and they told me that we have to be particularly diligent early in 2011 when newly-elected legislators come on board. It seems that when politicians run into lots of opposition, they "shelf" something until the next session starts. Then, with lots of new faces on board, they try to get their legislation put through before the "rookies" fully understand what's going on. If you're concerned about this type of "politics as usual" approach and you should be) visit www.wisconsinhotrodradio.com or email Arlo at arlo@wisconsinhotrodradio.com. They have information on the 10 best and 10 worst laws pending throughout the nation right now.

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