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Port-A-Chopper trailers

Made a stop at a place call Port-A-Chopper ( in Elkhart, Indiana to visit some fellows I met at a motorcycle trade show in Indianapolis. They work for an outfit called QC Metal Fab that may have made the hinges for the hood of your RV/ The product they're involved with the Port-A-Chopper trailer. This little rig breaks down in 15 min. and stores in back of a minivan. It can haul a motorcycle, a jet ski or even your swap meet purchases if you add their cycle, watercraft or utility kit. The kits adapt one trailer into three options, all using the same license plate! And if you live in a townhouse or condo where trailers outside are verboten, you can haul goods or vehicles home, take apart the trailer and store the pieces in the garage. If you're pulling a bike or a boat, you can do it with a 35-mpg Honda Civic and cut your hauling costs. Their newest product is a bigger double trailer that hauls up to 2,000 lb. loads. My MG TD won't quite ride that one safely, but a Vespa 400 or Berkley might.

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