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Price Consciousness

For nearly three decades I have worked for a company that publishes an Old Cars Price Guide and I still don’t know how important such information is to the average old-car hobbyist. The one time my cars were valued by an outside appraiser, I thought the values he came up and his explanations for them were silly. Can you imagine deducting for an expertly-rebuilt engine? Then he turned around and valued my spray-bomb-painted 1950s gas pump way too high. His estimates had nothing to do with Old Cars Price Guide, which is a good guide. All I’m saying is I don’t have a constant need to worry about the values of my old cars. On the other hand, twice a year I do a remote radio broadcast with a station in Charlotte during which people call in for old-car information. With few exceptions, they want to know how much their old car is worth and I tell them to get Old Cars Price Guide.

So, what do you think? How important is current pricing information to old-car hobbyists?


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