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Dekote takes off paint

If you're like me, sometimes you buy something for your hobby shop and don't use it for a few months or even a year. Awhile ago -- make that a long time ago -- I stopped at the Eastwood Company ( in Pottstown, Pa., and I left with a container of pinkish-purplish stuff called Dekote. The man at Eastwood said it would take off paint pretty good.

Well this pinkish purplish stuff sat on the shelf for months. This is partly because I procrastinate a lot and partly because it is hard to do a lot of projects during the winter, here in Wisconsin. So, in any case, I never had paint to strip until this week.

All of a sudden I have a lot of parts that need paint stripped off them. This is because my son and I bought seven early-1960s Honda "Baby Dream" motorcycles last week. Seven basket cases that is. We hope to get four or five good bikes out of this. But all seven need to be stripped of their old paint.

So we finally opened the container of Dekote and (though this may be hard to believe) it really works. After just a few nights in the shop, we have nearly all of the paint off the first two old bikes. And one of them had four coats of paint on it. Wow! We think we can take paint off of four bikes with just the one container. That makes the cost of total paint removal about $11 per bike. Not bad!

Not to mention that the Dekote probably would have worked even better a year ago! 

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