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Pumped Up

Yesterday I had to call Tom Hanneford at Antique Auto Parts Cellar in Massachusetts to get a fuel pump repair kit for a 1940 Dodge flathead six that we're rebuilding at Gunner's Great Garage. Tom makes kits with materials that resist the destructive forces of modern gas. I first used his products after I got my '53 Pontiac engine rebuilt by someone else years ago. The car's fuel pump was leaking after the first short ride. Then we installed one of Tom's kits and never had a problem since. Tom also knows all the different pumps. "Is your's the one with six screws and a glass bowl on the side?" he asked. "Well, it might be on a 1950 engine, but it's a later version from the '60s and you need the later kit." Tom doesn't know I'm writing this and there's no discount involved. He just sends you the right kit and it works. What more could you ask for?

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