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Brian Young’s friends and family members helped him build this car.

Brian Young’s friends and family members helped him build this car.

Brian Young spent three decades building his purple, Hemi-powered Ford coupe. The project was a family affair. Every part of his ‘30 Model A has links to family or friends.

The history of the hot rod goes way back to 1984 when Brian’s brother Marty brought the all-steel five-window coupe to Wisconsin from Arizona. Marty started putting it all together. Brian told Old Cars Weekly, “Marty wanted to keep it all Ford, even though I was into Mopars and told him let’s go with a Mopar 440.” Marty was killed in a 1990 motorcycle crash and Brian became more determined than ever to finish the project his brother started.

“I never dreamed I could find a Hemi engine’’ Brian said. “But, there was a magazine for farmers published in Waupaca, Wis. and it had an ad for a 1957 Firepower Hemi.” After purchasing the Hemi, Brian scrounged up a wide variety of hot rod parts without breaking the family budget. “Whenever some car guy was having a rummage sale or moving or getting divorced, we would be able to buy stuff they wanted to be gone,” Brian said. “We even got a blower and a Dana 60 rear axle that came from a ’70 Road Runner that we took 22 inches out of.”

Young’s son wired the car. A friend who did furniture upholstery stitched up the seats. In the summer of 2013 the car was finished and started appearing at shows where it was a big hit. “It’s Marty’s car as far as we’re all concerned,” says Brian Young. “We just finished it.”

The blown ’57 Hemi V-8 packs a punch.

The blown ’57 Hemi V-8 packs a punch.

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