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A Hobby Auction That Supports His Hobby
Posted by John I'm repeating this one from a week or two ago. I had sent the story into Old Cars Weekly, too, and somehow it ran in the newspaper with the wrong dates. So to make uo for that, I thought it would be a good idea to repeat this "blog" which had the right dates. If you are a collector who regularly buys or sells at auctions, check out the fees on this one. After a couple of visits to this venue, you could save enough in fees to buy another car.  Grant Miller resides in Lockhaven, Pa. If you like collector car auctions, maybe you should check out Mr. Miller's 7th Annual Classic & Antique Car And Truck Extravaganza sale on July 17-19. Grant's registration fee is $250 and his buyer/seller fees are 4%. Get out your calculator and figure what you can save on the sale of a real collector car. The minimum selling cost is $400 (just enough to keep out old rust buckets) and -- get this -- the maximum cost is $1,500. If you think Grant is being a unrealistic, consider that he owned and ran Central Pennsylvania Auto Auctions, doing weekly dealer sales for many years. His sons run that segment of the business now, but Grant's annual collector vehicle auction is held at the CPA facility, less than a mile off Exit 178 of I-80. He starts off Thursday with a buyer-seller reception at the indoor auction site. The Saturday venue will offer 150 vehicles from noon to 7:30 pm, followed by a VIP Gala Celebration at Grant's home. On Saturday, 200 additional vehicles will be sold between 9 am and 7 pm. This year, Grant is going to sell his own collection of about 47 vehicles, so he can start a new collection. "This auction is really a hobby for me," he admitted. "It's just a hobby that supports my hobby." You can call 1-800-248-8026 for details or email gmiller@cpaautoauction.com.

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