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Randy and Trudy

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Randy and Trudy with their Shelby Dakota.

Randy and Trudy Vollmer are “big wheels” in the old car hobby around Central Wisconsin. Even though Randy has struggled with more than his fair share of medical issues lately, he is a fixture at certain shows like the one held recently at the Veteran’s Home in King, Wis.

Randy showed up there with his Dodge Shelby Dakota pickup, which was signed by Shel before he left us. Randy treats this truck the same way he treats his mid-‘50s Fords and other collector cars. He treats it like gold.

Randy personifies many good things about the old car hobby. At one time, he even penned a column about collector cars for the Appleton Post Crescent, a local newspaper in Randy and Trudy’s hometown.

Randy is like the Energizer Bunny when it comes to unstoppable-ness. He just keeps going with ideas and projects such as lining up a dragster to make appearances at this year’s Iola Old Car Show. That’s another one of his favorite events and it’s also a family tradition. Years ago, he and his dad would be there every year with their colorful two-tone Fords.

Randy stands out in the crowd at a car show and he deserves to. It takes a lot of will and gumption to keep up enthusiasm for vintage iron while life’s dealing you hard blows. And everywhere you see Randy, you’ll see Trudy nearby sharing Randy’s love of life and love of older cars. When you see them at a car show, give them a big hello. Their spirit is what this car hobby is all about!

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