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Repro Springs For Straight-Axle Vettes

For a long time, original style leaf springs for straight-axle Corvettes seemed to be made of “unobtanium.” Now, Eaton Detroit has brought them back. Eaton says restorers are better off using the new springs than trying to have their old ones re-arched. “Spring steel has a memory,” says Eaton. “Unless this memory is erased before repairs are attempted, the spring will return to the height it was at prior to being re-arched.”
Before Eaton’s recent release of its exact-reproduction Corvette leaf springs, restorers who wanted a 100-percent accurate straight-axle Corvette restoration had to live with either a temporary repair or the expense of having the springs’ memory put back in by Eaton (the only company that does it) at great expense. But, Eaton introduced correct reproduction Corvette springs at the SEMA Show in November. For information and pricing contact:

Eaton Detroit Spring, Inc.
555 Michigan
Detroit, MI 48216.
(313) 963-3839

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