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Have you heard about Resto-Mods? These cars are getting lots of attention. I hear they are featured in a big article in USA Today this weekend. Some of you may want to check it out.

Two of my writers have different views about Resto-Mods and I have been trying to sort out exactly what the term means.

In my book (and one of the writers agrees) a Resto-Mod is a car that's "Restored and Modernized." In most cases, the car will have a '60s or early-'70s muscle car body, but everything else will be modern. There are some Resto-Mods built with 1940s and 1950s bodies, too. But they have crate engines, custom-fabricated frames, "dub" type tires and wheels and newly-stitched-up interiors.

The other writer calls cars like this "Hybrids." He says they are not Resto-Mods. To him, the "mod" in Resto-Mod means "modified" instead of "Modernized." So he says a Resto-Mod is the same thing as a "modified" (which seems to be a general description to me).

I need your help to pin down exactly what Resto-Mod means. How about it? What do you think?


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