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After attending the vintage races at ROAD AMERICA yesterday and the street concours last night, I can tell that this historical racing course is properly named. When you go to ROAD AMERICA you see the vitality and strength of this great nation on display.

If you check newspaper headflines or tune into the evening news on TV you know that America's supposed to be "falling apart." You've been told that we have low employment, high gas prices and no national pride left. Month after month, the numbers are down and the "Indexes" tell us we're in a tailspin. We'd all like to run away to a South Sea Island, but we know we can no longer afford the air fare.

Well, I'll tell you what - take a trip to Road America (it cost less than a Tahiti vacation) and savor the sights. Look at the Miller and Delage racing cars, purchased in a recent California auction, sitting inside a giant transporter from Florida. Visit the Tom Malloy race team's trailer and feast your eyes on his Miller-Ford and his Novi. Walk through the multi-million-dollar display of concours machinery and compare the original AC Aceaca "survivor" coupe which Norb Bries ( ) is showing -- and offering for sale -- to its gorgeous, restored twin nearby.

Look at the crowd of people, the bustling restaurants, the sports cars and Harleys parked on the street and the new condos all over town. ROAD AMERICA is truly a reflection of a great country and it's 100 percent "MADE IN THE U.S.A."

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