Road America Adventure

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What an adventure my trip to the vintage races at Road America was this weekend. I drove my 1954 MG TF roadster and it was almost 100 degrees. On the way down, one of the carburetor float bowls came loose. Gas all over. Luckily Theo bolt wound up getting stuck between the engine and starter. I fixed it on the road. By the time I got to the track, I discovered a leaky radiator hose. Luckily, Bill Treffert, who races an MGA had a spare piece of hose and we cut it to fit. Then I decided to tighten all the bolts I could and broke a tapper cover stud. The two other studs and gasket held the oil in, so I just wrapped the broken off end in one of those red mechanic's towels, tore off a piece of towel and wrapped the nut with it. Then I tapped it tightly into the hole so no oil would leak (I hope). Then last night I went out to eat, reached up to adjust my glasses and they broke in half. I got home by poking the lenses out of my sun glasses, then wearing them over the two pieces of my regular glasses. This Looked weird, but it worked. What an adventure!

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