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Rumble in the Park points to new directions

Muscular Olds 4-4-2 was at the Rumble in the Park Show in Oshkosh, but there were other attractions, too.

Muscular Olds 4-4-2 was at the Rumble in the Park Show in Oshkosh, but there were other attractions, too.

Car shows are changing these days. More and more, they are becoming entertainment events in addition to being static displays of classic and specialty vehicles The cars are still an important ingredient, but people also want to be entertained when they go to a car show.

“Rumble in the Park” is a good example. This show took place June 4 in South Park in Oshkosh, Wis. There were cars and trucks and motorcycles on display, but there were also craftspeople, food vendors and music.

Events like this are good because they bring new people into the old-car hobby. Spectators might come to hear a band, buy an Indian necklace or eat a hamburger, but they wind up being exposed to muscle cars or hot rods or a vintage tow truck. Then, the next thing you know, they become a vintage car owner and get involved in the hobby.

Somehow this idea of attracting the general public to a car show seems better than going to a meet where car owners have nothing to do but sit in a lawn chair next to their car and roast in the sun. Bringing more people out to see and appreciate classic cars is a good thing for the future of car collecting.

This is one reason you’re seeing new attractions at the Iola Car Show that takes place at Old Cars Weekly headquarters the second week in July. Stars from several automotive cable TV shows will be on hand at Iola this year including Courtney Hansen and Ryan Evans.

In addition, a new attraction will be a band concert featuring Herman’s Hermits and the Original Beach Boys, plus two tribute bands that sound like Journey and The Eagles. Admission to the concert is separate and details are available at

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