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The Rush Ford Collection July 21st

By Yvette VanDerBrink

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For many guys, their first car made a big impression on them and often solidifies their favorite automotive brand. Howard Rush was no exception. He grew up on the family farm and couldn’t wait for the day to get his own car. A 1949 Shoebox Ford ended up being his first car, and well, wasn’t his favorite. It was too slow for his liking. He eventually traded off that Shoebox Ford for a ‘52 which eventually led to a 1957 Ford, that as you can tell from his collection, was a favorite. He met his wife Doris in that ‘57 Ford and they were married and continued working the family farm and raised four children.

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With the farming going well, Howard was able to allocate more funds toward his hobby of collecting Ford cars and trucks. Soon the buildings filled up with International tractors and Ford vehicles. When Howard saw a Ford or International that he wanted his mind was made up and nothing could stop him form buying it.

Many times he would get a friend to come along with him. Often it was lifelong friend, Dave [who is helping with the sale]. It usually was the friend who was blamed for letting Howard buy another one when Doris caught him coming home with another full trailer. Dave talks about one time when Howard was at a Menards and backed into an old Ford taking out the taillight. He left a note for the owner and waited for a while. Instead of offering to fix the taillight, he just bought the car from the owner. Howard bought so many vehicles and tractors that he started his own museum and welcomed people in to take a look at his collection. Howard even enjoyed taking them for a drive on occasion.

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Sadly, Howard became sick and passed away from cancer. His wife Doris sold the International Tractor collection last year and on July 21st, on their farm, she will sell the remainder of his Ford collection, Texaco collectibles, motorcycles, and more at auction.

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VanDerBrink Auction, LLC will conduct the auction onsite at the farm outside of Griswold, Iowa. The collection will sell NO RESERVE, with no on-site buyer’s premium. If you can’t come to the auction, bidders can also bid online through the website There will be an all day preview and a meet and greet with Bar-B-Que until gone Friday. The collection has approx. 40 collector cars and pickups alongside cycles, Texaco collectibles, and more. The collection has something for everyone from several 1957 Ford Skyliner retractable hardtops, to Mustangs, Torinos, and even some Ford police cars. The collection also has Mercurys and Edsels. The vehicles are either originals or older restorations. You can check out the entire catalog for the Rush collection online. For more info on the Rush auction, catalog, and pictures go to or call VanDerBrink Auctions, LLC 605-201-7005. See you on July 21st, 2018 10am on the Rush farm by Griswold, Iowa.


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