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For most collector cars, not every piece is reproduced. That's where salvage yards come in handy. Unfortunately, these gold mines of used parts resources are drying up, and the closing/crushing of a yard in the area of Winona, Minn., is just one more example.

Fortunately, the owners of this yard recognize the value of old iron and have set aside the oldies while they crush the modern cars. However, the clock is ticking, and once the late-model cars have been crushed, the crusher will turn his eye to the vintage iron.

The following information comes from OCW reader Marvin Hunger. If
you're familiar with this collection and need parts off a car you've
been eying up, here's your chance to get the whole car and its remaining parts:

I talked to the sons of a nearby salvage yard that is out of business and crushing cars. They crushed 750 cars in the last year. They are now taking the motors out of the non-collectible cars now. The owner is bed ridden and needs money for professional nurses 24 hrs a day. The son (Arlin Passehl) says he will sell the collector cars complete. He doesn't want to sell parts, just complete, as-is cars.
The oldest cars and trucks are 1950s on up. He is not yet crushing the cars that he thinks are collectible.

The sons of the Salvage Yard are Arlin Passehl: 507-459-3328 (mobile)

and Carroll Passehl 507-313-9967 (mobile)

The bedridden owner is Irving Passehl (Passehl Salvage)
32554 Country View Drive
Winona, Mn. 55987

It is located on a farm that is 9 miles from Winona, Minn. (near the village of Witoka)

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