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A few years ago, when I was still in management at Old Cars Weekly, I had the extreme pleasure of joining Greg Smith in interviewing candidates for the job of OCW editor. One of the people we interviewed was a young man from Minnesota who had recently graduated from college. I was told that this fellow -- Angelo Van Bogart -- had done an internship in the Krause Publications toy magazine and was well liked and very hard working. After doing the interview and talking to Angelo, Greg and I both felt that he was "made for the job." I still think we were right. If you ask me, Angelo is THE BEST of many good editors OCW has had.

What made me think of this was something that happened today. I stopped in to visit Jerry Kopecky, a local restorer who specializes in Chrysler fin cars. Angelo happened to be there taking cover photos with the staff photographers. A local car enthusiast came in. When we introduced him to Angelo, he did not recognize him as the editor, but he had a lot of good things to say about the publication that Angelo edits.

If YOU haven't met Angelo yet and you are heading for Hershey, I hope you'll stop by at the "Old Cars" spaces and intoduce yourself to the best editor Old Cars Weekly has ever had. When you meet him, I think you'll agree with my opinion and you'll be amazed at his enthusiasm and knowledge of cars.

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