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Saturday evening I spoke at the Packerland Region Vintage Chevrolet Club of America dinner. Someone asked what was the best car show I'd been to in my 40 years in the hobby. I told them it was the 2008 Old Car Festival at the Henry Ford & Greenfield Village in Dearborn.

Imagine telling Chevy guys to go to a Ford Museum show!!!

Now, understand I'm not big on car shows with 10,000 vehicles. If that's what you like, then you have other favories. For me, shows that entertain people are the funnest ones.

At Greenfield Village in 2008 I saw a show in which the newest car was a 1932 model. I saw Keystone Kops directing traffic and an old Model TT tow truck helping out on break downs. I saw hundreds of people, young and old, lining up to pay about $25 a head to get in. I saw thousands of kids on line to take rides in a Model T depot hack.

This was an event that was entertaining folks. It was making old cars exciting to young people. It was fun to see and fun to be at. It was busy and buzzing and beautiful.

I was the best car show I ever attended!

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